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slogo_s.gif (2KB)The Official Boy Scout of America homepage
The Unofficial Shiloh National Military Park Homepage
Merit Badge and Advancement requirments listed online Note: This URL may be outdated. Use the next resource.
US Scouts Merit Badge requirments listed online
High Adventure camps in the BSA
Information about the Order of the Arrow - Disclaimer: St. Louis may have some differences
Shawnee Lodge - St Louis Area Council's Order of the Arrow Lodge
Rank Advancement Video (EXCELLENT resource but needs Quicktime installed on your computer)
Religious Awards
Nation Eagle Scout Association
Stories about Lord Baden-Powell - (the founder of Scouting) while he was in Africa.
Baden-Powell history, and early Scouting history
First Aid Scout
Merit Badges, Past and Present
GAMES! (over 100 game, supplied from a website in the UK. In Excel format)

Boy Scout Resources
Cub Scout Resources

Practice for the Minute Man Award!
Everything you ever wanted to know about knots is linked below!!!

ROPE WORKS - includes rope making
Scouting Hints and Tips - Knots and Pioneering
Scouting Projects: Pioneering
More Knots...
The Rope Making Machine
Learn2 Tie Basic Knots
Animated Knots for all uses
Useful Sailing Knots
Ropers Knots Page -(Mr. Frazee's Favorite!)
The International Guild of Knot Tyers Home Page
Sailing Knots
Knot Knotes
The knotting dictionary of Kännet - knots, knots, and more knots
Knots on the Web
The WEB-Knot-Index


Maps Maps and More Maps!
Get Topo maps for anywhere you want!

Terra Server Topo Maps
Map Tech Topo Maps (High res maps may be purchased)
The Topo Zone (poor quality maps)

Other Units in the North Star District

Other Units with links to ours