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Thursday   July 18, 2024   08:53 pm   Greater St. Louis Area Council BSA, St. Louis, MO. USA

Why Join OUR Scout Troop over another one?

We assume that you are shopping around comparing units. In fact, we encourage it!!!

If you are already a member of a different troop in the area and you are not happy there, then we encourage you to work with your existing unit to try and solve any problems! However, if you are ready to quit Scouts completely then be sure to check OUR TROOP out first.

Take a look at our entire website. Be sure to look at our past and future Calendars. Below are some more reasons to join our team:

We are a family!  Our pictures show what we are and tell the best story. We are PROUD of our GREAT Scout Troop and we are willing to show it off!!! In order to be successful you have to look at the future.  Our past has been bright... our future is even brighter. 

Our Web Site (of course) Do the other units in the area have a Web Site? E-mail your friends and relatives to show them pictures of what you are doing in Scouts. Troop 374 is proud to boast that it is the 1st Troop in St. Louis to have it's own "Domain name". We keep it up to date. Birthdays and last minute changes can be found online!!!. Just remember:  

We have 70+ Eagle Scouts. Troop 374 has a STRONG advancement program!!! We have 70+ Eagle Scouts and 30 of them have been under the current leadership

Our meeting facility is top notch.  We meet at North County Christian School a stable school in the area since 1962.  Along with this facility we have access to several other meeting rooms.

We have all the equipment you'll ever need.  Our Troop has enough equipment to supply several units!!!  In addition, how many other Troops actually OWN their own TRUCK? WE DO!!! And we use it to store and transport the equipment! (Other Troops frequently ask us to borrow things from us when they find they forgot or damaged something important.)

We have year round programming. Troop 374 is one of the few Troops in the area that has year round programming. We have activities and campouts in the winter, spring, summer and fall.  

Our program is outstanding! Because we have a troop where the Scouts actually plan the program we have a great time. Participate in:

  • Horseback riding to Canoe trips.
  • Snow skiing to swimming!
  • Work inside of our Haunted House!
  • Camp and hike the Civil War Battlefields of Shiloh Tennessee.
  • Explore Caves and do Rock Climbing and Rappelling!
  • Fish in the largest privately owned lake in Missouri!
  • Help the needy families with our Scouting for Food drive.
Our meetings consist of all kinds of hands on Scout activities and games. Older Venture Scouts have taken part in various kinds of high adventure activities from water skiing to backpacking the Rocky Mountains. In 2000 we took a trip to "Glaciers National Park" near Canada.

Eagle Scout benefit.  Every scout that earns Eagle Scout in our Troop before age 17 gets $250 towards admission to a high adventure event similar to Philmont. If you are not familiar with Philmont, it is roughly a $450-$500 admission!

Our Haunted House.  Do you know of any other Scout troops that have their own Haunted House? Join our Troop and be part of the SCARE!

NO SELLING CANDY BARS DOOR TO DOOR!!!  Troop 374 has one of the BEST fundraisers!!! We sell Christmas Trees! The customers COME TO US! And they are happy to buy from us!

We have great leaders.  Troop 374 has nearly 10 leaders at each Tuesday night meeting.  Several of our leaders grew up in the Scouting program and are Eagle Scouts.  

Scouting in Troop 374 will allow you to:

  • Make some of the best friends you'll ever make in your life!
  • Go on camping trips to some of the best places. Even places where the average public is not allowed!
  • Learn some very valuable skills that can help you in your future life!
  • Have experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life!
  • Remember the time you spend as a youth as the most enjoyable part of your life!

Troop 374 is about learning skills that you'd never learn in any other youth group. Sure you learn how to tie knots but you also learn First Aid, Outdoor Skills and Navigational Skills. It's all about learning how to survive, not just in the woods but in the real world as well! Scouting offers over 100 different topics to learn about. They cover topics from Sports, to Indian Lore, to White Water Rafting and Back Packing.


Swim a mile without stopping
Hike in the southern Rocky Mts. for ten days
Camp out in one of the largest caves in the state of Missouri
Paddle a canoe down a river
Hike through the battle fields at Shiloh Tennessee
Rapel down the side of a mountain
Make a haunted house
Camp out in temperatures below freezing
Sell Christmas trees
Learn to save someones life
Make new friends
Play games, sports
Take day trips or fish.
Go camping & hiking
Or just HAVE FUN

Then Join Scouting, Be a part of Troop 374

To become a part of the Troop 374 Team.
E-mail the Scoutmaster below or attend a meeting.