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Sunday   April 21, 2024   07:53 pm   Greater St. Louis Area Council BSA, St. Louis, MO. USA

Beaumont Ropes Challange Course
May 30th, 2009

At the Challange Course we redifined
how to 'Get High'!!!

Those that went had a great time playing games, crawling, jumping and climbing.
The pictures taken in the trees are of people who are about 60 feet in the air!

100% of the people that attended completed the entire course!
Everyone had a GREAT TIME!

Click on a thumbnail print to view the full size picture.
Full size pictures run from 83k to 241k.
(Note: Images are located a different server. If the images are missing, the server may be temporily down.)

Higher Resolution Pictures are available from the Scoutmaster

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